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Functions of a technical Customer ·  Construction control ·  Functions of a general contractor ·  Engineering service

Construction management: works on performing functions of a technical Customer (construction control implementation), engaged by the Constructor under a contract.

A customer (involved under a contract) accomplishes tasks regarding organization and coordination of processes of designing, construction and commissioning of a capital construction project.

An individually created program of a project implementation approved by a Constructer vividly depicts all stages and methods of construction to commission the project successfully.

A working group is created consisting of highly qualified specialists (certified) in different areas which has all  necessary resources and normative information to accomplish a project timely and successfully.


  • Direct economic effect by means of saving money on creating and maintaining a personal service of a customer;
  • Optimization of a project cost due to practicing original effective managerial methods and value engineering;
  • Reduction of terms of a project implementation;
  • Solid practical experience in projects implementation.